Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the Bourdain in the Philippines

Yes, that's right, the Bourdain is (or was) in the Philippines.  According to the Bourdain's blog, he arrived around two weeks ago (his latest post as of this writing).  Marketman, whose food blog is practically an institution, played host to the Bourdain in Cebu-- read what happened here.  Seeing that he has at least four posts about "the event", Marketman is understandably starstruck.  Heck, I'm vicariously starstruck.

Oh well, I'll just have to wait for when they show it on cable.


Ben John said...

I'm okay catching Bourdain on Discovey Travel & Living for the Philippines feature.

And it's about time! He's done Singapore and Malaysia already, which, according to my brother who's lived there for two years now, doesn't really have food as great-tasting as ours.

Anonymous said...

its a bit disheartening to klnow that judy ann santos is included in his show